Useful tips for traveling Myanmar with children (Part 2)


If you intend to travel to Myanmar with kids, this golden land will never disappoint the little companions, but it’s significant to go with some certain tips.

>>Useful tips for traveling Myanmar with children (Part 1)

Pick a good hotel with swimming pool

When booking a hotel in Myanmar you have to take into consideration that the star clarification and hotel standards might not be same as in Thailand, Singapore or Spain for example. A 3* hotel in Myanmar will be the same with a 2* hotel. Even if the prices of the 4* hotels in Myanmar are above average for the South-East Asia it’s advisable to book a superior hotel. 4 or 5* hotels in Myanmar are the best option for family travellers.

Kids love water and what can be more fun after a long, hot day in Bagan or Inle Lake to have a swim and relax with a cocktail along the swimming pool while your children are having a blast time?

You should pick a good hotel with swimming pool (via Luminous Journeys)

Don’t rely on a baby cot

If your baby usually sleeps in a cot, don’t forget to ask for one when you make the booking. But even you have booked one cot don’t really expect to have one or to be function. Few hotels have more than one cot and if any other guests with kids will be accommodated in the hotel you might end up with a baby how will be sleeping in our bed.

Book ahead

Hotel industry in Myanmar is changing a a higher pace. But during the touristic season which starts in November and ends in late May with the peak season during the New Year Eve and Christmas, good hotels are fully booked.

Last minute does not work very well in Myanmar; not because the concept is not working but due to the fact that demand is higher than the supply for luxury and good hotel establishments.

Travel to Myanmar (via Begodi)

Br prepared for the hot & humid weather

But in the same time, depending on the region you are traveling or for period of year don’t forget to take as well few warmer clothes as a small jacket or rainy one. Kachin and Putao destination in the Northern part of Myanmar has a colder climate with snow during the cold season.

Morning and evening are a bit colder on the Inle Lake. During the tours on Inle Lake a cap is a must to protect again the hot afternoon sun. In Bagan, located in a semi-arid climate, sun cream with a higher UV protection is a must. Stay out of the sun while it’s at its hottest and  Schedule your tours  early in the morning or later in the afternoon.

Don’t use & reply on public transport

Don’t rely on public transportation (via YouTube)

Bangkok is great in terms of public transportation: from skytrain, MRT to subway and decent buses. We can easily move from one place to another.

Yangon is a totally different story. Train is very slowly and carts are very old – a new system, improved carts will be implemented soon but it might time take. Buses were very old, more then 50 years old and there were famous for they speed and not respecting the traffic rules at whole. A new bus system has been put in place in February and new buses were been bought. But the driver’s remain the same.

There are no latin numbers on the buses and it’s very difficult to know where it’s heading. Uber is not available yet in Myanmar but there are local apps like Oway Ride. Some problems can occurs while you we order the taxi: driver will not speak english and it will be difficult to talk to him regarding the address. Even if you put the correct destination address they will not know it.

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