Useful tips for traveling Myanmar with children (Part 1)


Are you traveling to Myanmar with children? So the above tips can be useful to have the best tour to Myanmar for you and your family without any hassle.

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Be selective with the choice of fruit

Myanmar has a wide range of fruit, most of tropical origin. It’s important to know when it’s their season so you can know which one are local (fresh) and which one are imported (usually from China and not fresh and with many chemicals).

Be selective with the choice of fruit (via Hungry Partier)

Watermelons can be found all year round; strawberry season is from January to March and the Pwin Oo Lwin strawberries are the best. Avocado from December to February. The best and fresh mango are to be found at the beginning of the rainy season in Myanmar from May to July.Myanmar Mango come in different shapes and tastes and have different names. Ma Chit Su, Sine, Thone Lone Tit Htaung, Sein Ta Lone, My Kyauk, Yin Kwal, Sugar Mango.

Green avocado are a bit early from March to June. Jack fruit is available in the rainy season from June to late October; it taste can be a bit to strong and sweet for your kid. Durian – famously known as “The King of Fruits” throughout the South East Asian Countries, and is available in the hot season from February to May. Take into consideration it’s strong small and that many hotels in Myanmar has this fruit banned to taken into the rooms!

Tip: Wash the fruits with bottle water instead of tap water. Water treatment and management in the big cities as Yangon and Mandalay is not at western standards.

Get a private transfer

Travel Myanmar with kid (via Mum on the Move)

Traveling with children can be difficult if you rely on private taxi. Yangon International Airport is located 20km from the downtown and taxi are not in a very good shape; not to mention that most cars run on GLP and there is not much space left for the baggages. Not to mention that there is no fix fare and you have to negotiate for it.

Heho Airport which serves the Inle Lake region is 55min drive from the lake. Booking a transfer in advance is recommend and why not spend few more hours for a short detour to Pindaya Caves.

Check bookings requirements

Balloons Over Bagan is  one the most popular touristic destination in Myanmar.  The Balloons Over Bagan seasons starts in November and end in mid April. But for the balloon ride there are some strict rules regarding the kids.

Pregnant women & children under the age of 8 years will not be allowed to fly. Do not make any booking for such passengers, as no refunds will be offered.

Children aged between 8 and 16 years need to be accompanied by a responsible adult and the children have to be over 137cm tall (4 feet 6 inches). There are no baby sitter and the hotel and the start point and the landing place of the balloons over bagan varies.

Balloon over Bagan (via Boomer Travel Patrol)

Keep your children hydrated

Bottle water is safe to drink in Myanmar. But it’s a bit different from the water we are used to be drinking back home. Has no minerals – it’s osmoses water. Throw a process they eliminate all the minerals from the water (don’t ask me why – one of burmese mysteries). There are different mineral drinks as 100 plus but can contain sugar and some chemicals.

The best option is to by bottle water as Evian, Fuji Water or Bucovina Mineral Water which are available in the main supermarkets in Yangon. In Bagan or Inle Lake finding those brands can be tricky.

(To be continued)

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