Most popular trekking routes in Myanmar


For those love to adventure, trekking is a fascinating experience you should not miss while traveling Myanmar. You can have an easy trek on the countryside and discover the ethnic diversity or option for challenging trek along the mountain peaks. The following are 5 best trekking routes you can try in Burma.

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Trekking routes between Kalaw and Inle Lake

This is one of the most popular trekking routes in Burma among tourists, often favored by most of the people coming to the country. There is a reason being such a favored trekking route due to the immense amount of beauty it offers to the visitors on the journey. The trek between Kalaw and Inle Lake is mostly downhill, hence it gets very easy and one cannot ignore the scenery along the way.

You are bound to meet a lot of tourists on the trekking route, however, it is also possible to enjoy the trekking journey on a lonely road with less crowd. If you happen to go through our agency, we will pick out the best route for an immersive experience.

Level: Easy as the route is mostly descending. Number of days:  Around 2 to 4 days.

Trekking routes between Kalaw and Inle Lake (via Wade and Sarah)

Trek to Pindaya

The distance between Kalaw and Pindaya is around 1hr 30mins drive. The landscapes between the locations are fairly similar and beautiful but gets better with the distance. The landscapes at Pindaya are hilly and quite secluded from the tourist attraction, hence, only a handful of hikers can be seen in the city as opposed to Kalaw.

The route to Pindaya can be accomplished in 3 days, where the first day is a bit difficult due to the vertical drop of 500m. Along the way, you can enjoy the scenery, tea slopes and play nice games. It may get lonely but that is the beauty of this whole journey as you can completely enjoy every single step taken on the road.

Level: Normally Easy, but expect some ascents along the path. Number of Days:  1 to 3 days.

Pindaya Trek (via Trekking in Myanmar)

Trek in Hsipaw

Hsipaw is quite popular among the travelers because it offers trekking experience at reasonable rates. While, the place itself is secluded from the tourist centers, just like Pindaya, there are often chances of friendly encounters on the journey.  It is not one of our favorable treks as the route is quite uncertain, hence we prefer over similar landscapes like Kalaw and Pindaya, which offers almost similar experience.

There are no doubts that Hsipaw is a unique experience having adventurous trekking routes, but it takes lots of transporting to reach the city, hence we advise to pre-plan the trip to Burma for about 3 weeks minimum if selecting Hsipaw trekking route.

Level: Easy but often hilly, hence not recommended for easy walkers. Number of Days: 2 to 4 days of trekking.

Trek in Hsipaw (via Wander With Us –

Trek Mount Victoria in Chin

Trekking to Mount Victoria in Chin state is a majestic experience of its own kind and is considered one of the amazing trekking routes in Burma. The complete journey is done over the several day along the Burmese borders. The route is not difficult, but it is advised to have an early trekking experience in order to accomplish the distance more comfortably.

The landscapes along the path are neither too unique nor like Kalaw, but you will have the chance to meet at the intersection of Mindat and Kanpetlet. The route is followed through the center of the Chin State, hence one of the most secluded tourist routes. While on the journey, expect to meet the Burmese locals and even embrace the company of the famous Burmese woman, whose faces are tattooed like a spider web.

Level: Normal with regular climbs and challenging paths. Number of days: 3 to 4 days.

Trek Mount Victoria in Chin State (via Real Adventure Travel Guide for Best Adventure Tours to Asia)

Trek in the mountains of Putao

When it comes to Putao, it can be considered as the ultimate trekking routes in Burma. There is no other better place to trek than this one. This route is mainly for the adventurers, who wish to do something extraordinary and experience the real trekking. The entire trek can be easy or hard, between the villages of Lisu minorities or one can opt to climb the highest mountains in Southeast Asia.

Level: From Easy to Hard, depending on the trekking route chosen. Number of days: 2 to 10 days.

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