Best restaurants for dining in Bagan


Besides sightseeing, eating specialties is also a must-try experience in any trip. You are in Bagan and want to taste cuisine in here, let’s go these restaurants.

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The Moon Restaurant

The Moon is one of the most famous restaurants in Old Bagan. It has become the top choice of most of visitors especially Westerners. The restaurant is impressive not only for its convenient location- near the famous historic site-Ananda temple but also for its wide range of food choices and tasty dishes. It is an ideal place for you to stay away the heat of the sun in hot summer thanks to its shady trees. The hospitality and friendliness of staff along with reasonable prices undoubtedly brings you the highest satisfaction during your trip in Bagan.

Location: The restaurant is located in the North of Ananda Temple in Old Bagan, Myanmar.

The Moon Restaurant (via Memo Diaries | Travel and Lifestyle Blog)

Weather Spoons Restaurant

Another great option you should not miss when discovering the food of Bagan is Weather Spoons Restaurant. Almost all visitors travelling to this area cannot forget the fabulous taste of the famous dish of the restaurant- burger. The menu is diverse, price is reasonable and staffs are friendly and attentive. It is truly good value for your money. Let’s try and enjoy!

Location: Restaurant Row, Yarkinthar St, Nyaung Oo, Bagan, Myanmar

Star Beam Restaurant

In the long list of restaurants in Bagan, Star Beam restaurant is recognized as an excellent local restaurant. What makes it a great restaurant is its exceptional food, friendly service and cozy atmosphere. These are distinctive features of the restaurant that any visitor wants to return for second chance.

Location: (1) New Bagan, (2) Old Bagan, Bagan 84414, Myanmar

Dining in Bagan (via Adventure Laos)

Black Bamboo restaurant

If you have not found your own favorite local food and local restaurant which inspire you, let’s put Black Bamboo restaurant into your list to discover when travelling to Bagan. Located in a great location and with a lovely garden area, the restaurant will amaze you with its beautiful setting for a meal. You are stillworry about where to eat, don’t miss out on the chance to enjoy meals in the excellent restaurant.

Location: Yar Thin Thar Street, Bagan, Myanmar

Black Rose restaurant

Run by Indian family, the restaurant is unique for its services with the hope to treat guests well. It is always busy at dinner and lunch time while other restaurants in the region are almost empty. Unlike other restaurants, Black rose features its romantic atmosphere and unique home-cooked meals which makes you like home.

Location: New Bagan, Bagan, Myanmar

Black Rose Restaurant (via Wonder Bagan)

Sunset garden restaurant

As the name suggests, Sunset garden restaurant is an ideal place to get the great view of the nature. Located on riverside with a large campus and a beautiful garden covered with green trees along the river, the picturesque restaurant offers stunning views in romantic atmosphere. It is even more enjoyable when enjoying great meals at sunset.

Location: Bagan, Bagan, Myanmar

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