Top 7 beautiful waterfalls tourists should visit in Myanmar


Peaceful lakes, exhilarating waterfalls, stunning blue pools and a quirky island monastery,… Myanmar has something for everyone. In this article, we will introduce to you some of the most stunning waterfalls in Myanmar.

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Dee Doke Waterfalls, Pyin Oo Lwin

For a beautiful, unique and truly surreal experience take a trip to Dee Doke waterfalls. The mineral-rich water in the pools have an intense blue colour. It is the perfect place to take a refreshing dip in. Continue trekking up the valley and there is cave to explore as well. At present you are very unlikely to see any other backpackers or tourists here, but it is a popular spot for locals to relax and swim. It is not easy to get to these waterfalls but it is well worth it!

Dee Doke waterfalls (via The Glutton’s Digest)

Nam Hu Nwe Falls

Nam Hu Nwe Falls are a bit further from Hsipaw than Nam Tok. They’re also not as remarkable, but certainly still shower guests with a refreshing blast. Nam Hu Nwe is approximately another mile and a half from Nam Tok. Journey back to the main road, travel a mile or so, and then veer off onto another dirt path.

Nam Tok Waterfall, Hsipaw

Nam Tok (Nam Tuk) Falls, also referred to as Hsipaw Falls, are found approximately three miles from Hsipaw in northern Shan State. Renting a bicycle or walking to reach Nam Tok is recommended. Bike rentals in Hspiaw are quite inexpensive.

Take the main Mandalay-Lashio Highway out of Hsipaw, towards Pyin Oo Lwin, and then follow a bike-friendly dirt track to the hilly escape. Nam Tok gushes into a small but deep pool at the bottom. Jump in to cool off after the effort it takes to get there.

Nam Tok Waterfall (via Culture Trip)

Pwe Kauk Falls

Pwe Kauk Falls (formerly Hampshire Falls) may not have the same ascending appeal as Dote Dee or Anisakan, but its closeness to Pyin Oo Lwin (approximately five miles towards Lashio) makes experiencing this attraction worthwhile. Pwe Kauk is a common picnicking site and sees an abundance of local tourists, which makes it a great locale for people watching.

The draw of Pwe Kauk’s stepped falls are the paths to wander about, bridges to cross, play areas for kids, and merchants selling traditional snacks and souvenirs. Head there by getting a taxi from Pyin Oo Lwin. Ask around for rates. The caves of U Naung Gu are a one-hour jaunt away for an added excursion.

Anisakan Waterfall

Anisakan Falls (via Black Eagle Flights – blogger)

The most essential trip from Pyin Oo Lwin is to Anisakan Falls, approximately six miles away. Located on the outskirts of Anisakan (Anesakhan) village, this setting is perfect for hiking. A number of steep forested trails allow the magnificent layered waterfalls, thundering nearly 400 feet down a vibrant green gorge, to be seen from various perspectives. A small pagoda rests at the base.

Kyone Htaw Falls

Kayin State’s remote Kyone Htaw Falls are a hidden oasis, remaining largely off the radar for most tourists in Myanmar. This unspoiled jungle gem beckons to be explored, and can be reached by driving about two hours from Hpa-An.

Foreigners may need special permission from the regional authority to visit Kyone Htaw. It’s advised to go with local guides, or have a day-trip prearranged with a tour company. These scenic, gorgeous waterfalls captivate with natural turquoise-colored water, so don’t miss out on the chance to dip in.

Kyone Htaw Falls (via Flickr)

Kyaiktiyo Falls

There’s more to Kyaiktiyo than a golden rock. Step away from the mountaintop bustle and head down to Kyaiktiyo (Kyaik Htee Yoe) Falls. It’s a good three to four-hour hike there and back. Expect to pass by many stands selling anything from drinks to orchids while trekking. Some of the makeshift shops are even powered by generators and provide seats to rest.

Kyaiktiyo Falls stream into a fairly large basin of water. Bunches of locals will probably be swimming or hanging out on rocks encircling the pond. The water isn’t very clear, but the falls give off an energizing mist. Grab a cup of coffee or tea at the café close by, sip in the whole scene, and then climb back up to the golden rock in time to catch a truck back down to Kin Pun.

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