Maha Bandula Park – best place to escape from bustling Yangon


If you are seeking out a “green spaces” in Yangon to escape the hustle and bustle, relax, unwind and breathe some fresh air without having to leave the city itself, Maha Bandula Park is an ideal choice.

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Yangon today is a bustling city with many high rise buildings and apartments and increasingly becoming more populated. This expansion also brings with it pollution, congestion, traffic and the usual challenges of crowded urban spaces. Luckily for local residents there are four big green parks in Yangon to enjoy: Kandaw Gyi, Kandaw Min, People Park and Maha Bandala Park. 

Maha Bandula Park (via WherEver You Go – blogger)

Maha Bandala Park is a magical place full of colorful flora and fauna of many different varieties for all ages to enjoy and to connect back to nature. There is also a baby playground and the beautiful fountain. Located in downtown Yangon, the park is bounded by Maha Bandula Garden Street in the east; Konthe Road in the south; Maha Bandula Road in the north; and surrounded by important buildings of Sule Pagoda, Yangon City Hall and High Court.

The park is named after General Maha Bandula who fought against the British in the First –Anglo-Burmese War (1824-1826). In 1986, a wealthy American firm in Yangon gifted a statue of Queen Victoria that was placed in the center of the Park, so it is also known as Queen Park by some. After 1948, the Independence Monument, an obelisk in commemoration of Burmese independence from the British was installed at the center of the park, replacing the statue of Queen Victoria. The park was last remodeled in 2012.

Things can do

People can sit, lie down or relax on lush green floor at the park (via Patnomad)

Maha Bandula Park is indeed a beautiful escape and interlude for city dwellers of Yangon. People can sit, lie down or relax on its lush green floor, families can enjoy time together with a relaxing picnic, children can run and play amongst the flowers and trees, people can leisurely take their time strolling through the gardens, workers can come for a much needed nature break at lunch or after work and the more active can enjoy a great run or exercise. The park is covered with green trees so the air is fresher with more oxygen, especially great for young children who just love to play and roam freely in open green spaces. 

In fact we all benefit greatly mentally, physically and emotionally by being in nature. Particularly for city dwellers who live in small congested places, Maha Bandula Park is a nearby oasis to come to – to breathe in fresh air and get that nature fix we all need to rejuvenate our mind and body from the stresses of everyday living. The park is open to the public from 5:30am to 6:00pm so make sure you make time to enjoy it.

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