Gaw Yan Gyi Beach – a new beautiful beach in Myanmar


Gaw Yan Gyi Beach is a new beach in Myanmar with full of white sand, natural rocks and clear water. Some people refer to Gaw Yan Gyi as the “Paradise of Ayeyarwaddy”. The beach is part of the Bay of Bengal and is located in Ayeyarwaddy Division, Ngaputaw District, Nga Yoak Kaung City, Nant Thar Pu Village Group.

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How to get there

By car: Best to hire a driver or go with an organized tour, but if you decide to go on your own – firstly drive Yangon To Pathein. If you go through the Pathein tour gate you will reach Ngwe Saung sub way. Then choose Left Side ( To Maw Tin Soon ) after you drive 53 miles in this road you will reach South Nga Youk Kaung Camp. Then you will drive 16 miles you will see the Junction. If you choose Nga Yout Kaung City you will drive 30 minute and if you choose the hostel, bangalo in Gaw Yan Gyi Island then you will drive through 1.5 hr in rock and  slippery road.

Gaw Yan Gyi Beach (via

By bus: Direct bus service is available via Yangon Dagon Ayeyar highway from Nga Youk Kaung by way of Kan Htoo Aung and Universal lines. Yangon to Nga Youk Kaung (8:30) pm is around 10,000 kyats with an estimated arrival of 6:00am the following morning. Once you reach the bus gate there are motorcycle taxis. To hire a taxi to Kway Chai jetty will cost 500 hundred Kyats. At the Jetty, you will see many boats in the narrow stream – it’s about 20 minutes boat ride (400 kyats). When you reach Chai village, hire a motorcycle taxi for about 500 Kyats and head to one of the bangalos. Once you have arrived in Bangalore you can see the Gaw Yan Gyi Island.

What to do and see

Myawaddy Pagoda: offers beautiful views of Gaw Yan Gyi. You can see two side of the sea from the pagoda view point. But first you need to climb up 240 steps.

Lake Chai: This is the best place for snorkeling and the water is very clear. And also can see various Rock and Island. If you want to go Lake Chai boat fees are 1000 kyat for one way.

Sa Pa Htar Island: In Sa Pa Htar Island you can find sweet water hole in sea and also do some snorkling.

Stunning beach (via Frontier Myanmar)

Where to stay

There are many bangalows in Gaw Yan Gyi Island: Thiri Thu Ta Aung Resort, Htee Hta Resort, Adventure Paradise, Zabar Htar View Resort, La Min Thar Resort, Win Beach Hotel, The Log, Thiri San and probably more as the area gets more popular. 


Even though you are at the sea, seafood is rare. It’s a rural village-oriented place, so many places prepare chicken and gourds curry, mashed fish paste/liquid and home made food, which are really nice and really match with the nature. If fisherman can get fish and crab then you are in for a treat. Expect to pay about 3000 to 3500 Kyats for a meal that includes one main curry, salad, soup, fish paste & vegetable. Seafood Curries will change price.

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