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Myanmar tourism is growing with the increasing number of tourist coming to this country annually. Travelling to this country, visitors will have opportunity to admire pristine beauty with many popular destinations such as Burman, Mandalay, Yangoon, ect. With Myanmar Tourism, visitors can find out plenty of useful information to make an amazing Myanmar trip.


Kyaiktiyo or the Golden Rock Pagoda, which precariously hangs over a cliff edge 1,100 metres above sea level, defying all laws of gravity, is not to be missed by any visitor to Myanmar.

Kakku pagodas is a pagoda complex in the hills overlooking the valley South East of Inle Lake.

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For most international travellers arriving to Burma, Yangon is the first destination. From outside of Burma, visitors can get to Yangon by air. From within the country, the city is connected by air, bus and train.
Inle Lake Travel Guide

Inle Lake is a large freshwater lake surrounded by hills in the Shan state of central Burma. The shallow lake that is about 18 kilometers in length is a place of scenic beauty with a relaxed, tranquil atmosphere.
Getting around in Bagan

Bagan is located in the plains of central Burma on the Eastern bank of the Irrawaddy river. There are several options to get around in Bagan, they are: Ox cart, bicycle, car and hot air balloon.

The massive uptake in tourism in 2012 and 2013 has hit Burma hard. Flights from Thailand can fill up, and there is definitely a shortage of hotel rooms in major destinations such as Yangon, Bagan, and Nyaung Shwe (the tourist centre for Inle Lake).

Since 1992, the government has encouraged tourism in the country; however, fewer than 270,000 tourists entered the country in 2006 according to the Myanmar Tourism Promotion Board.