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Myanmar tourism is growing with the increasing number of tourist coming to this country annually. Travelling to this country, visitors will have opportunity to admire pristine beauty with many popular destinations such as Burman, Mandalay, Yangoon, ect. With Myanmar Tourism, visitors can find out plenty of useful information to make an amazing Myanmar trip.


Here are top world-known golden places in Myanmar that you should pay a visit.

Myanmar offers thousands of chances to set your foot to explore loads of amazing things. Travel and discover top 10 free destinations to see in Myanmar below:

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Myanmar’s New Year is called Thingyan or Burmese New Year or Water festival and lasts from 13th – 17th April every year celebrated by Water Festival so different from what western tradition of celebrating new year.

Few places are as captivating and mysterious as Myanmar. As the travel community continues to hear more of what fascinates about Burmese culture, the “Golden Land” remains somewhat of a treasure waiting to be discovered. So if you plan on heading out there, these are 12 things you should know before you do.

Here are 12 extraordinary things you should learn about Myanmar before you go.

Coming to Myanmar, visitors should pay attention to certain rules when visiting the pagodas in this country.

Here are some guides about transportation in Yangon tourists should know.